Analyzing The Benefits and Downside of Modern Website Designs

 Website Designs

With the increase in the use of the Internet, websites play an integral part in online marketing. Websites offer useful information about a product or service. Website design is equally important for the success of any business. Choose a website design that is innovative and attractive. There are several modern website designs currently in use. It is up to the business owner to decide on the type of Website Deisgn. Each website design has its own merits and demerits. Check out the review of the modern website designs. Here you would get to know the ins and outs of three popular modern website designs.

Skeuomorphism -Creative and Flexible
It is the website design that is used for most of the websites in the past. It was chosen for its innovative and creative design. Users felt like home when they visited the websites with Skeuomorphism design. The website elements in this design come up with a realistic touch. Thus the objects of the website layout happen to look real with a 3D effect. Other notable features of Skeuomorphism website design are listed below

  • The website design objects develop a strong connection with users.
  • The website design instills emotional feelings
  • There are several creative options to be used to talk about your business
  • Increased user experience.

Cons: There are some disadvantages to using this website design. There are a number of design elements of Skeuomorphism which leaves the user confused. The load time of websites also increases with heavy design elements.

Flat Design-Simple and Elegant
It is a simple website design that is used by website developers all over the world. It is known for its sophisticated design. The design comes with a 2D interfacing option. It is called flat design as the website is designed on a flat surface. The design mainly aims at the functionality of the website but also gives room for creativity. Website owners who wish to create a professional website with fewer visual elements can go for a flat design.

The design works well on all devices
Absence of complex visual designs results in quick load time
Simple design offers importance to the contents of the site.

There are very few design options.
The website with flat design looks simple and general. It lacks uniqueness.
The website does not look appealing or attractive.

Material Design- Interactive with 3-D effects
This website design mainly aims in offering a better user experience. It comes with a highly interactive design. There are several layout options with this design. The design offers a 3D effect to the website elements. It mainly offers easy navigation of users inside the website. The enhanced user experience and interactiveness are of great use for business websites.

It is easy to navigate and understand the various objects of website
The design is platform-independent.
Built-in animations make the website look attractive.

Load time and implementation time are more
More animation options may distract users.
The above insights on the various popular modern website designs would help website owners to choose the right one based on their needs.

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